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한국표면공학회지 (13권2호 81-86)

A Study on Mechanical properties of Aluminized Steel Plate

熔融알루미늄 鍍金한 鋼板의 機械的 性質에 關한 硏究

Kim, Suk-Yoon;Choi, Chong-Sool;

弘益大學校 工科大學 副敎授;延世大學敎 工科大學 敎授;
弘益大學校 工科大學 副敎授;延世大學敎 工科大學 敎授;


The mechanical properties of aluminized steel were investigated after the JIS SB 41 plates were dipped in molten aluminum bath. (1) The growth rate of iron-aluminum alloy layer was fast in early stage of alumizing, and then gradually decreased with increasing time. However, over the time period above 10 minutes the growth of alloy layer did not occur. (2) The constituent of alloy layer formed on the steel surface was identified to be intermetallic compound of $Fe_2;Al_5$. (3) The ultimate tensile strength and elongation of aluminized steel showed a nearly constant value over all thickness below about 0.15 mm. However, both properties decreased rapidly in showed a nearly constant value over all thickness above about 0.20 mm. (4) In case of aluminized steel with greater thickness, crack was formed below yield point of base metal, which is considered to be attributed to the alloy layer failure.