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한국표면공학회지 (43권6호 266-271)

Effect of Copper Content on the Microstructural Properties of Mo-Cu-N Films

Copper 함량에 따른 Mo-Cu-N 박막의 미세구조 변화에 대한 연구

Shin, Jung-Ho;Choi, Kwang-Soo;Wang, Qi-Min;Kim, Kwang-Ho;

부산대학교 재료공학부;부산대학교 하이브리드소재 솔루션 국가핵심연구센터;
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Pusan National University;National Core Research Center for Hybrid Materials Solution, Pusan National University;

DOI : 10.5695/JKISE.2010.43.6.266


Ternary Mo-Cu-N films were deposited on Si wafer substrates with various copper contents by magnetron sputtering method using Mo target and Cu target in $Ar/N_2$ gaseous atmosphere. As increasing $N_2$ pressure, the microstructure of Mo-N films changed from ${gamma}-Mo_2N$ of (111) having face-centered-cubic (FCC) structure to $delta$-MoN of (200) having hexagonal structure. Detailed the microstructures of the Mo-Cu-N coatings were studied by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and field emission transmission electron microscope. The results indicated that the incorporation of copper into the growing Mo-N coating led to the $Mo_2N$ and MoN crystallites were more well-distributed and refined and the copper existed in grain boundary. Ternary Mo-Cu-N films had a composite microstructure of the nanosized crystal crystalline ${gamma}-Mo_2N$ and $delta$-MoN surrounded by amorphous $Cu_3N$ phase.


Mo-Cu-N film;Physical vapor deposition;X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy;Microstructure;