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한국표면공학회지 (39권6호 282-287)

Viscosities of $LaCl_3-NaCl$ Binary Melts

$LaCl_3-NaCl$ 2성분계 용융염의 점도

Kim, Ki-Ho;

충북대학교 신소재공학과;
Materials Eng. Dep`t, Chungbuk National University;


Viscosities of $LaCl_3-NaCl$ binary melts were measured by the capillary method over the range of their liquidus temperatures to about 1200K. The cell constant were determined by using pure water. The results obtained are summerized as follows: Viscosities were decreased with the content of NaCl for all over the composition range of binary melts. Composition - viscosity relation for the binary melts show a non-linear from the additivity line and the deviations shows a maximum at about 60 mol% NaCl. This suggests the existence of the complex ion of $LaCl_4^-$ in the melt. Activation energy for viscous flow of the binary melts decrease monotonously with the increasing content of NaCl.


Viscosity;$LaCl_3-NaCl$;Binary melts;Capillary method;Complex ion;$LaCl_4^-$;Activation energy;