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한국표면공학회지 (39권6호 250-254)

Effect of Hydrogen Partial Pressure Ratio on Electrical and Structural Properties of ZnO Thin Film

ZnO 박막의 전기적 구조적 특성에 미치는 수소 분압비의 영향

Lee, Sung-Hun;Shin, Min-Geun;Byon, Eung-Sun;Kim, Do-Geun;Jeon, Sang-Jo;Koo, Bon-Heun;

한국기계연구원 표면기술연구센터;창원대학교 전자재료실험실;국방기술품질원 부산센터;
Surface Engineering Research Center, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials;Changwon National University;Busan Center, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality;


Effect of hydrogen partial pressure ratio on the structural and electrical properties of highly c-axis oriented ZnO films deposited by oxygen ion-assisted pulsed filtered vacuum arc at a room temperature was investigated. The hydrogen partial pressure ratio were $1.4%sim9.8%$ at 40% oxygen pressure ratio. The conductivity of ZnO:H films was increased from 1.4% up to 4.2% due to relatively high carrier mobility caused by improvement of crystallinity While the conductivity of ZnO:H films were decreased over than 4.2% and (0002) orientation was also deteriorated. The lowest resistivity of ZnO:H films was $2.5{ imes}10^{-3};{Omega}{cdot}cm$ at 4.2% of hydrogen pressure ratio. Transmittance of ZnO:H films in visible range was 85% which is lower than that of undoped ZnO films because of declined preferred orientation.


Electrical property;Structure;ZnO thin film;Vacuum arc;Hydrogen effect;Low temperature deposition;