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한국표면공학회지 (39권5호 235-239)

The Formation of Nitride and Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy by Nitrogen Implantation

Al합금에서 질소이온주입에 의한 질화물 형성과 기계적 특성 향상

Jeong, Jae-Pil;Lee, Jae-Sang;Kim, Kye-Ryung;Choi, Byung-Ho;

UST 가속기 및 빔 나노공학과;한국원자력연구소 양성자기반공학 기술개발사업단;
University of Science and Technology, Accelerator and Beam Nano Engineering;Proton Engineering Frontier Project, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute;


The aluminum nitride(AlN) layer on Al7075 substrate has been formed through nitrogen ion implantation process. The implantation process was performed under the conditions : 100 keV energy, total ion dose up to $2{ imes}10^{18};ions/cm^2$. XRD analysis showed that aluminum nitride layers were formed by nitrogen implantation. The formation of Aluminum nitride enhanced surface hardness up to 265HK(0.02 N) from 150HK(0.02 N) for the unimplanted specimen. Micro-Knoop hardness test showed that wear resistance was improved about 2 times for nitrogen implanted specimens above $5;{ imes};10^{17};ions/cm^2$. The friction coefficient was measured by Ball-on-disc type wear tester and was decreased to 1/3 with increasing total nitrogen ion dose up to $1;{ imes};10^{18}ions/cm^2$. The enhancement of mechanical properties was observed to be closely associated with AlN formation. AES analysis showed that the maximum concentration of nitrogen increased as ion dose increased until $5;{ imes};10^{17};ions/cm^2$.


Al7075;Ion implantation;AlN;Friction;Hardness;Surface modification;