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한국표면공학회지 (39권3호 129-136)

High Temperature Oxidation of NiCoCrAlY-(Ta, Re, Ir) Coatings for Gas Turbines

가스터빈 엔진부품용 NiCoCrAlY-(Ta, Re, Ir) 코팅의 고온산화특성

Choi, J.H.;Lee, D.B.;

성균관대학교 신소재공학부;
School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University;


The high velocity oxy-fuel sprayed coatings of 38Ni-23Co-20Cr-11Al-3Y-5Ta, 25Ni-34Co-20Cr-11Al-3Y-2Re and 32Ni-34.5Co-22Cr-11Al-0.5Ir (in wt%) were oxidized at 1000 and $1100^{circ}C$ in air in order to find the alloying effect of Ta, Re and Ir on the oxidation properties of the NiCoCrAlY-base coatings. The primary phase of the coatings was $Ni_3Al$. The oxides formed on the coatings consisted primarily of ${alpha}-Al_2O_3$, together with some $CoCr_2O_4,;CoAl_2O_4$, and $Al_5Y_3O_{12}$. Tantalum oxidized to $Ta_2O_5$ and $Ta_2O_{22}$. However, no oxides of Re and Ir were detected by XRD owing to their thermodynamic inertness and/or their small amount.


NiCoCrAlY;Coating;High velocity oxy-fuel spraying;